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Head of the Collaboration Network

The most complete Collaboration platform available

The Collaboration Suite consists of : 'HeadtoHeadMeeting', web conferencing, 'HeadStart', project manager, 'Emendo' an online simultaneous text editor. All three stand alone as major services in their own right but together, harnessed to our Business Network they create a significant and powerful collaboration network that is fully scalable so can be adapted to suit any business. With Head of the Curve you have a private internal network to work with your colleagues confident in the security and privacy we provide but if the need is there still able to join the wider HotC community to find other professionals with talents and expertise to offer. No downloads, no servers, no maintenance, no ongoing IT costs, let us worry about that and leave you to grow and develop your business. Free to register and then Business and Business Plus by subscription and a step beyond that, our Enterprise option provides a customization service, more storage, meetings etc.

The Network
The Business Network is at the heart of Head of the Curve’s collaboration service, it’s what allows the ‘joined-up thinking’ that is the core of the service. Once you have registered you can build your network by inviting colleagues, contacts and clients, to join you in your private online network. Once created, you are ready to work. Available to you in your network are features such as Events, Polls, Classified ads and Videos, all can be used to benefit the online business experience for you and all in your network. Your network is protected by SSL security with 256 bit encryption coupled with our European servers offering the highest levels of security and back up to ensure all your information is safe. We can provide levels of customisation with our Enterprise option. Because ‘Enterprise’ is in effect, a bespoke service this is by application, you tell us your requirements and we can tailor our service to suit your particular needs.
The Work Platform
The Network homepage is the centre of all your activity. The main functions, web conferencing, project management and the text editor are just one click away, your internal mailbox and Status display can be checked and updated from here as well. The HotC Video IM is always available and shows at a glance who in your network is currently online. Connect, share, create, edit, inform, there’s no limit to the possibilities using your private internal network. Discover that much needed professional by accessing the external HotC network through the forums or by using our comprehensive search function. If you have a company/business Group on Head of the Curve you can invite any to join and this becomes a platform for the company with videos, photos and discussion forums. It can be ideas sharing and brainstorming or simply used as for company promotion.
Multi-Level Communication
Communication is the most powerful asset to any business, Head of the Curve provides multiple options for communication. At its simplest level the internal messaging options allow for messages to be sent between all in your network with unread mail always showing on the Mailbox on your Network homepage. Whenever a message is sent an email notification is sent to the email address you registered with. The HotC Video IM provides an IM option to Network contacts who are online, a video call can be requested if the contact is offline, included among the options are translation and page sharing . The project manager has its own dedicated messaging and comment making features. 'HeadtoHeadMeeting' web conferencing gives the most complete communication solution you are ever likely to need, in fact it is a collaboration function in itself, video, audio, IM and Record and Playback. File sharing, screen sharing, translation and all the presentation features you could wish for.
Customer Integration
The platform needn’t be just for your work colleagues and clients on the Project Manager, customers can benefit enormously by being part of your network. Relationships with customers can be developed by the personal approach of using your own social network boosted by the use of web conferencing, file and screen sharing. By setting up a company/business Group on the site customers can view your products, services and any new releases or promotions you may be having. Strong customer relations have never been easier to achieve or maintain..
Sharing is a core strength of the collaborative capabilities on Head of the Curve. File sharing, photo sharing and screen sharing is part of all the functions that make up the collaboration suite, easy to do and completely safe and secure. To collaborate is to share, and we make it available throughout all the features on Head of the Curve.
Privacy & Security
Our servers are all European based and provide the highest levels of security and we have the added benefit of securing our site with an SSL certification with 256 bit encryption. Data stored with us can find no better security, coupled with our multiple back-ups, data loss can be a thing of the past. When setting up your Network you can determine the level of privacy you require. If you set yourself as open to everyone on the Head of the Curve community then you can be contacted by anyone who may require yours or your company’s services. The settings then take you through five levels of separation to ‘Contacts Only’, at this level you will build a completely private network. At a ‘Contacts only’ setting the only contact that can be made with you is by your contacts or those you invite to collaborate with you on 'HeadStart', 'HeadStart', project manager, 'Emendo' or to join you in a meeting on 'HeadtoHeadMeeting'.
Incorporating Head of the Curve into your business with the powerful tools and the power of a business network to maximise your output, increase your productivity and reduce costs. Employees can communicate and collaborate between offices, cities and countries, arranging meetings will no longer be a problem and customer relations can become a joy and not a chore. Just some commercial solutions, imagination is the only limit for our platform – wherever or however, "working is always better together".
  • Senior Management
    Can manage by the minute
  • Sales Teams
    Keep in touch - keep motivated - achieve targets
  • Consultants
    Brainstorming, talking, working together online in real time
  • Creatives
    Communicate and share from anywhere
  • Education / Distance Learning
    Very simply complete web conferencing feature and a project manage
  • IT Business
    Collaborate on every level from code to customer
  • Recruitment & HR
    Interview, train, develop individuals, monitor progress, collaborate on an online CV
  • Professionals & Professional Organisations
    Multiple projects, multi-disciplinary responsibilities and full communication
  • Not-for-Profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
    Complete package giving the maximum return with minimal outlay
  • Customer Relations
    Complete communication can give complete customer satisfaction


Head of the Curve offers the ‘complete package’ and of course just like your business tomorrow is a different day so we are working on new developments and new features for future release, details of imminent service releases will be found on the site usually on the pages of “HotC News”. Join us today and improve your business effectiveness and profitability both for today and tomorrow.
Head of the Curve Business Network & Collaboration Platform