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HeadStart Project Management

Online Project Management
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HeadStart Overview

Project Management is at the centre of most business strategies and with HeadStart you get a versatile, simple to use project manager integrated into your network with, close to hand, ‘HeadtoHeadMeeting’ web conferencing and ‘Emendo’, our online simultaneous text editor. HeadStart is intuitive in use helping to increase your productivity and combined with all the communication options available project management has never been so easy. With the constant development provided by Head of the Curve you can be assured we will always keep you ‘ahead of the curve’!

Everyone on Head of the Curve has one project with 10MB of file storage. The Business package allows 10 projects and 5GB and Business Plus will give 20 projects and 10GB. For Multi-user packages we can set up projects and file storage to suit your needs. For these ‘Enterprise’ options click send us your requirements and one of our sales team will contact you. For most businesses and managers the ‘Business ’ option should provide all that is needed, ‘Business Plus’ will be the package needed by the larger user or those with the more complex demands. We have developed the platform and network to be entirely scalable so we are

able to provide for the needs of the largest business or corporate user
head of the curve
through our ‘Enterprise’ options. This bespoke option is by application only just give us your requirements and we can tailor our service to suit your needs. To upgrade from the basic free package click here and you will be taken to the ‘Service Selection’ page where you can select the service to suit you.
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Communication The essential for Project Management, and it is also at the centre of HeadStart. All comments, tasks, milestones have an email notification sent to all contributors on the project.
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Your team and your clients are able to make comments on any aspect of the project and at all stages and you can choose who is able to see these comments. Comments are always stored so if you have been out of touch it’s easy to catch up with the progress. Combine all this with the real time text editing and creation with ‘Emendo’ and HeadtoHeadMeeting web conferencing and you have an online project manager without equal.
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Tasks The most common use for HeadStart is to manage tasks. Tasks are organised in task lists, and every project can have as many task lists as you need. You may want to use individual task lists for each phase of your project, or you can use task lists to divide a complex task into several sub-tasks. Each task can be assigned to a company or a single user. Making a task list private means that only employees of the owner company can see it, which makes it easy to hide tasks from a client if you wish to do so.
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Milestones Tasks tell people what to do milestones tell them when something is due. A milestone is just a date with a title and a description, but you can assign task lists and messages to a milestone. This gives HeadStart the necessary information to remind the project team if something is overdue. Also milestones can be defined as private which makes them invisible to a client. Assigning a milestone to a company helps making someone responsible for a specific milestone.
Projects are easily managed. HeadStart has three levels of management, Administrator, that’s you and you can select the people to work on your Projects and they become your ‘Users’. Then you can add ‘Client companies’ and add users related to that company and they will become that companies users and will always be part of the projects relating to the Client company. For these Users and Clients users choose from a range of permissions available for access and visibility, create tasks, give details and appoint responsibilities. Set timescales and targets using milestones and start the project!
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Users & Clients You can create your own Users or Client companies can be created with their own Client Users and all Users can be given a range of permissions on projects including manage messages, tasks, milestones, upload and manage files and much more besides.
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Files HeadStart allows you to store files in a folder structure. In a way this is a simple Document Management system since it offers the functionality to store several revisions of the same file. Working with revisions lets you keep track of changes and makes it possible to go back to an earlier version of a document if necessary. Users can comment on files as well and even attach their own files to it.
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Calendar A calendar with full updates of all milestones tasks etc.
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Search Full text search per project covering messages, tasks, files etc.

Administrative Feature set

  • Multi –Client capability, lets you manage projects for different clients simultaneously
  • Complete flexibility regarding allocation of users to Projects
  • Three-level of administrative capability
  • Administrator (You)

    Users ( your Users)

    Client company Users

  • Rights limitation for Client company Users on each Project
  • Manage messages

    Manage tasks

    Manage milestones

    Manage time

    Manage tickets

    Assign tasks to you r Users

    Assign tasks to other Client company Users

    Change Milestone status

    Create Projects (only as a non-administrator)

  • Messages and Task list can be linked to Milestones
  • Projects can be a part of a hierarchy of Projects
  • Versioning can be used to manage revisions of uploaded files
  • Tags can be used to categorise messages, tasks, milestones and files
  • Full-text search per Project covering messages, tasks, milestones and files
  • Privacy: Messages, tasks milestones, files and comments can be flagged as ‘Private’ hiding sensitive information from Clients.
  • Simple Form generator. Forms can be used to create tasks or comments. (available soon)

General Features

  • Entirely web based and fully integrated into the Head of the Curve Network
  • Easy and Intuitive. Simple concepts and usability providing an easy-to-use solution
  • Organised. HeadStart organises your Projects into Milestones, Messages, Task lists, Tasks and Files
  • Never out of touch. Email notifications for new Milestones, Messages, Tasks, Comments etc. means that your Users will be kept fully updated without having to visit the site
  • Restrictions. A package can be chosen to suit your needs, a single Project that is free, 10 projects and 5 GB file storage and 20 Projects with 10 GB of file storage. Very soon we will be offering a bespoke service, you tell us what you want we will provide it! Within each Project there is no restriction on the number of Tasks, Users, Messages, Milestones etc.
For a two week access to FULL+ membership and with it the full use of HeadtoHeadMeeting click here and make a no-commitment single payment.
If you have a FREE / FULL membership click here to upgrade your membership.